Many industry participants from retailers to brand managers to industry foundations rely on clear insights in order to make decisions about the future. The challenge is that the data we have can be opaque and incomplete. We can never know with 100% certainty, but it nonetheless valuable to identify known unknowns, as well as to which degree these can be known in the future.

At Bicycle Market Research LLC, we believe the best way to help an industry grow is by empowering it with real time, actionable, and transparent data. There is so much data already out there, much of which is in the public domain. We aim to build bridges between the islands of data and share it in a transparent manor. By doing so, we expect to earn trust of industry members who are tired of receiving data from a black box data source.

Our big hairy audacious goal is to build a real time map of the market with inventory flows at a granular level. By sharing this type of data with all industry participants, we can collectively build a more stable, growing market.

Innovation in Data

Most market research firms use surveys to get her data. Although valuable, this leaves blind spots, especially when considering the long tail of brands that aren’t surveyed. Reports suggest that the data we rely on is extrapolated from just 10-20% of the market in question. Although valuable, this is both susceptible to data being missed, and over emphasized due to samble bias.

Bicycle Market Research LLC uses direct data gathering techniques automatically from sources. As such, the data presented is much more concrete and is not subject to the same human error.


Intentionally Small – We want to remain a boutique provider focused on niche segments. Ideally we want to have 3-5 clients to provide a high touch experience.

Communication is Key – We love to ask how we can align our work better with the objectives of our clients. Likewise, we say what we can deliver, and we deliver what we say

Bicycle Market Research LLC was founded by Peter Woolery to commercialize the data aggregation and analytical models that Peter had been developing since 2020.

Peter Woolery has worked in the bicycle industry since 2005. Starting in retail merchandising, Peter built his way up to being head of technology at a retail chain in the San Francisco bay area. In this role, he found his passion for building bridges between isolated data sets, as well as uncovering new data hiding in plain sight.

Custom contracting

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